Sunday, 19 March 2017

Citizen’s Enquiry | Notice to Councillors

I have written to all councillors notifying them that I am doing what I will call a 'citizen’s enquiry'. I believe they are entitled to have a say on their attendance record before I publish the results. I will share any responses I receive in my weekly report every Sunday. My reports will highlight the following:

1.    Party with most number of absences
2.    Top 3 councillors with absences in Tower Hamlets political parties / groups
3.    Top 3 councillors with absences in the TH Independent Group
4.    Top 3 councillors with absences in the People's Alliance of TH
5.    Top 3 councillors with absences in the Conservative Party
6.    Top 3 councillors with absences in the Labour Party

If you would like to stay informed about this enquiry, please subscribe and share with your networks. You can also write to your respective councillor/s to discuss why it is important that they should try and attend every single meeting possible. 

For information, this is the e-mail I have sent:
Dear Councillor,

I am Ehtasham Haque, a resident of this borough and blogger. I am trying to raise awareness about various community issues and am particularly interested in transparency and accountibility of elected public representatives.

I am conducting this particular research to understand how the Council, against the backdrop of drastic cuts, is making sure residents are receiving services value for money.

One area I am looking into is councillors' allowance and how this is justified against principles of 'value for money'.

One of the metrics, I am looking into, which is quite simplistic but nonetheless crucial, is the attendance record of councillors since they were elected in May 2014 up to 28 February 2017. Attending meetings is probably the single most important duty of a councillor to ensure residents are being represented.

The Council website presents a through record of your attendance, and allows us residents to judge if we are being represented at various committee meetings and full Council meerings. These meetings discuss very important issues that has direct impact on our lives and services provided by the Council.

Before I publish the results in my blog, I would like to hear from you, if you can, about anything you would like to say about your attendance and absence records.

My blog can be found on Google searches under 'Thoughts by Ehtasham'.

My number is 07943 999 681, if you would like to speak to me.
Ehtasham Haque

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